Out of the Abyss

Escape from Velkynvelve

Session 2

Still needing to find your equipment, you continued along the bridge until you came to another tower. This one, you knew as a temple dedicated to Lolth. The temple was guarded by a giant spider that you quickly dispatched.

You knew that Ilvara and Asha kept their rooms below, so you moved cautiously down into Ilvara’s room. You find a chest that Damaia managed to get open, disarming the simple poison trap that were common among the drow. Within the chest was all of your equipment. Once you were well-armed again, Damaia and Silaqui moved slowly down into Asha’s room.

Another chest laid within this room that Damaia quickly looked over. Deciding that it was safe, she picked the lock only to notice the poison that she missed. After getting stuck, she fell unconscious. Being carried by Prince Derendil, the group managed to continue the escape.

During the escape, several chasmes and vrocks entered the area, fighting the drow. One trapped you in a tower, which you managed to deal with. Taking the opportunity created by the distraction, you ran from Velkynvelve and into the Underdark.

There were several discussions of where to go. Eldeth wanted to return to Gauntlgrym. BB had sworn to see Stool safe at home in the Neverlight Grove. Jimjar wanted to go to Blingdenstone, but the twins – Topsy and Turvy – were hesitant to return to the deep gnome home. Buppido suggested the duergar city of Gracklstugh as it was a place you could get supplies and possibly find a caravan to the surface. Shuushar suggested Sloobludop as a starting point as you could get boats to get to Gracklstugh and shake your drow pursuers.

Since Sloobludop was closest, you bid Shuushar to lead you to his home. Along the way, you foraged for whatever food you could find as such was scarce in the Underdark and you had none with you.

When you reached the Darklake, you were set upon by a group of kuo-toa. Shuushar tried to speak with them, but was batted away. They called to take you alive, but you decided that was not going to happen. A fight occurred, and one that you quickly won through overwhelming numbers.

Shortly after the fight, you met another group of kuo-toas. This group came in peace and were led by the shaman, Ploopploopeen. He spoke of a civil war among his people with him on one side and his daughter, Bloppblippodd, on the other. His daughter was the priestess of Leemooggoogoon, the Deep Father.

He had an idea to try and end this civil war. He would have you pose as prisoners to be sacrificed. When the time was right, he would help lead the attack against his own daughter. In exchange, you would get a boat to Darklake. This was not your fight, but it may get you a step closer to the surface…



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