Out of the Abyss

The Whorlstone Tunnels Part 1

Session 5

After agreeing to hunt down the red dragon egg, you made your way to the Whorlstone Tunnels and went on the hunt for a derro named Droki. You found the strange derro at the entrance as it ate a mushroom and shrank in size to fit through a crack. It was during this time that you noticed Buppido was missing.

Torim split from the group to find Buppido only to find him in another makeshift altar. It was then that you realized that he thought himself a god, yet he was still able to summon up skeletons. With the help of Joshua, Kim, BB, and Quinn, he was able to overcome the skeletons and Buppido.

The other group chose to follow Droki and ate some of the mushrooms that caused them to shrink. Continuing to follow the derro led them to a fungal thicket. Swarms of insects crawled out towards them, so Damaia set the thicket on fire before fleeing through a passage to the south.

The first group made their way through another passage and found a group of dancing myconids. Stool mentioned that it was odd as the myconids do not dance. Another sprout stood off to the side, worried for the myconids. They offered for you to joine them, but you did not. Instead, the other sprout asked to join you and you agreed. You found the name was Rumpadump and a friend of Stool’s from Neverlight Grove.

The group met up with one another and waited for the fire die down in the fungal thicket. Once you were ready to continue, you followed Droki’s path yet again. In the next room, you found a mesa. Kim wanted to climb and explore, but the group decided to continue forward.

As you continued, you found another room where you were attacked by a water creature that you learned was a water weird. The creature attacked Kim, but the rest of you fought it off. As it fell, you saw Droki poke his head around and take off running. The chase was on…



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