Out of the Abyss

War in Sloobludop

Session 3

After agreeing to aid Ploopploopeen, you made your way to Sloobludop. You were allowed to keep your weapons as they were sure of their hold over you. You arrived at the altar where Bloppblippodd started to perform a ritual in preparation to your sacrifice. When the time came, Ploopploopeen announced that it was time and attacked his daughter.

The fight was under way and it seemed like a free-for-all. Ploop got the upper hand over his daughter and ended her life with a quick thrust of a spear. Just as she fell, another dark and evil presence made an appearance.

Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, rose out of Darklake and descended upon the kuo-toa village. Many of the kuo-toa bowed to him, thinking it to be Leemooggoogoon. Demogorgon cared nothing for this and killed all that he could while other kuo-toa fled in terror.

The affect of his presence hit your group as well. BB started hearing voices in her head and tried to shut them out. Joshua and Silaqui suddenly rushed at the large monstrous thing. Damaia, who knew they could not face such a thing, grabbed Silaqui’s arm in an attempt to stop her. She spun around and took a swing at the tiefling, nearly taking her head. Damaia did the only thing she could think of… she lifted the hand crossbow taken from the drow, and hit the warrior with a dart. With Silaqui now asleep, Damaia was able to drag her towards the boats.

Rhogar took a more direct route. He grabbed BB and Joshua, knocking them out before carrying them each over a shoulder.

After tying the boats together, you managed to climb into them before rowing away from Darklake. Shuushar helped you board, but chose to remain behind. This was his home. You bid farewell to him, figuring it would be the last time you saw him before making your escape across Darklake.

A tentacle from Demogorgon struck the water, lifting the boats up. Torim, caught off guard, fell from the boat into the water. Quinn called for a stop as Topsy and Turvy dove into the water, saving her brother as they lifted him into the boat. Now that everyone was there, you managed to escape the kuo-toa village.

Even when the village was no longer in sight, you were not safe. The boats were caught in a whirlpool that you nearly got lost in, but with the combined efforts of many in the group, you managed to escape it.

After several hours of rowing, when you were near to exhaustion, you managed to reach the docks of Gracklstugh. After docking, you found The Ghohlbrorn’s Lair, an inn that caters to non-duergar. Once there, you bought yourselves a good meal and a room where you could get a good night’s rest. After the events from the last few days, you fell into exhausted slumber.



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