Asha Vandree


A junior drow priestess under Ilvara’s guidance, Asha initially considered Ilvara an example to emulate. That changed after she saw how Ilvara treated Jorlan Duskryn, a seasoned drow warrior who was the commander’s lover up until he was badly wounded. Ilvara discarded Jorlan without a second thought, showing Asha the foolishness of expecting any reward for loyalty.

Asha is ambitious enough to know she could assume command of the outpost if anything was to happen to Ilvara, but not courageous enough to challenge her superior openly. She also knows that she could have to impress her superiors in the City of Spiders for any such field promotion to become permanent. As such, Asha moves cautiously, fanning the fires of Jorlan’s hatred while keeping her own hands clean of any plotting.‚Äč


Asha Vandree

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