Shoor Vandree


​This drow elite warrior has assumed the role of Ilvara’s lieutenant and lover after the injuries suffered by his predecessor, Jorlan Duskryn. Shoor is relatively young and quite arrogant for a drow male, proud of his abilities and accomplishments. He is still flush with his success in winning the favor of Ilvara and advancing his position within the outpost, which shows in his swagger and the way he lords it over every other male in Velkynvelve, particularly Jorlan. Still insecure in his position, Shoor feels the need to demonstrate his skill and effectiveness to his mistress and to find ways to please her.

As Ilvara’s lieutenant, Shoor carries a wand of viscid globs, which once belonged to Jorlan and is used to capture and restrain prisoners.​


Shoor Vandree

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