Out of the Abyss

Prisoners of the Drow
Session 1

Everyone found themselves taken captive and drug down into the Underdark to be sold into slavery. You were stripped down to your underwear, all of your equipment taken. You were tossed into a slave pen with a group of other slaves.

For days, you were forced to work for the drow of Velkynvelve. They would take you out of the slave pens by the quaggoths they held there. You were taken to the waterfall and forced to gather water for the drow. Only once did the slaves try to revolt, but it was met with disaster. To teach a lesson, the man who instigated the revolt was tossed into the chasm. You were forced to watch as he landed on a large spiderweb. A spider, as large as a horse, came out of hiding to surround the man in a cocoon before sucking the juices from his body. His screams still haunt you to this day.

Another opportunity had suddenly come and from an unexpected source. Jorlan, a drow warrior with a permanent limp came and whispered that you should be ready. He then told your guards to take a break before limping away, leaving the door open. You felt this might be a trap, but you would not get another chance.

You slipped from the cage and split up, hoping to find your equipment before escaping. After noticing two guards, you charged for them, but Silaqui had lost her footing and fell towards the webbing. With quick movements, BB dove for the warrior and gripped her hand, keeping her from falling. Prince Derendil walked over and helped the young half-drow back to the bridge.

With Silaqui saved, the rest continued to the drow guards, dispatching them quickly. Once dispatched, they freed the quaggoths, hoping they would aid in your escape.

The other half of the group chose to take the guard tower, hoping to get a drop on the drow. There, they found three drow and used the element of surprise to dispatch them quickly. During the fight, Damaia took the opportunity to deal with Sarith, the drow who was imprisoned with you. After all, it would be like the drow to leave a spy among you, thus playing a cruel game with this attempted escape. Taking a hand crossbow that she had taken from a fallen drow, she fired it at Sarith, using the drow poison to knock him out.

With Sarith gone and the drow dispatched, you found a stash of items that could help you to escape. As you gathered them up, Kim took up Sarith and tossed him into the chasm, watching as a spider coccooned him. With the possible spy dealt with, you started to prepare your actual escape. First, you had to find your equipment…

Escape from Velkynvelve
Session 2

Still needing to find your equipment, you continued along the bridge until you came to another tower. This one, you knew as a temple dedicated to Lolth. The temple was guarded by a giant spider that you quickly dispatched.

You knew that Ilvara and Asha kept their rooms below, so you moved cautiously down into Ilvara’s room. You find a chest that Damaia managed to get open, disarming the simple poison trap that were common among the drow. Within the chest was all of your equipment. Once you were well-armed again, Damaia and Silaqui moved slowly down into Asha’s room.

Another chest laid within this room that Damaia quickly looked over. Deciding that it was safe, she picked the lock only to notice the poison that she missed. After getting stuck, she fell unconscious. Being carried by Prince Derendil, the group managed to continue the escape.

During the escape, several chasmes and vrocks entered the area, fighting the drow. One trapped you in a tower, which you managed to deal with. Taking the opportunity created by the distraction, you ran from Velkynvelve and into the Underdark.

There were several discussions of where to go. Eldeth wanted to return to Gauntlgrym. BB had sworn to see Stool safe at home in the Neverlight Grove. Jimjar wanted to go to Blingdenstone, but the twins – Topsy and Turvy – were hesitant to return to the deep gnome home. Buppido suggested the duergar city of Gracklstugh as it was a place you could get supplies and possibly find a caravan to the surface. Shuushar suggested Sloobludop as a starting point as you could get boats to get to Gracklstugh and shake your drow pursuers.

Since Sloobludop was closest, you bid Shuushar to lead you to his home. Along the way, you foraged for whatever food you could find as such was scarce in the Underdark and you had none with you.

When you reached the Darklake, you were set upon by a group of kuo-toa. Shuushar tried to speak with them, but was batted away. They called to take you alive, but you decided that was not going to happen. A fight occurred, and one that you quickly won through overwhelming numbers.

Shortly after the fight, you met another group of kuo-toas. This group came in peace and were led by the shaman, Ploopploopeen. He spoke of a civil war among his people with him on one side and his daughter, Bloppblippodd, on the other. His daughter was the priestess of Leemooggoogoon, the Deep Father.

He had an idea to try and end this civil war. He would have you pose as prisoners to be sacrificed. When the time was right, he would help lead the attack against his own daughter. In exchange, you would get a boat to Darklake. This was not your fight, but it may get you a step closer to the surface…

War in Sloobludop
Session 3

After agreeing to aid Ploopploopeen, you made your way to Sloobludop. You were allowed to keep your weapons as they were sure of their hold over you. You arrived at the altar where Bloppblippodd started to perform a ritual in preparation to your sacrifice. When the time came, Ploopploopeen announced that it was time and attacked his daughter.

The fight was under way and it seemed like a free-for-all. Ploop got the upper hand over his daughter and ended her life with a quick thrust of a spear. Just as she fell, another dark and evil presence made an appearance.

Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, rose out of Darklake and descended upon the kuo-toa village. Many of the kuo-toa bowed to him, thinking it to be Leemooggoogoon. Demogorgon cared nothing for this and killed all that he could while other kuo-toa fled in terror.

The affect of his presence hit your group as well. BB started hearing voices in her head and tried to shut them out. Joshua and Silaqui suddenly rushed at the large monstrous thing. Damaia, who knew they could not face such a thing, grabbed Silaqui’s arm in an attempt to stop her. She spun around and took a swing at the tiefling, nearly taking her head. Damaia did the only thing she could think of… she lifted the hand crossbow taken from the drow, and hit the warrior with a dart. With Silaqui now asleep, Damaia was able to drag her towards the boats.

Rhogar took a more direct route. He grabbed BB and Joshua, knocking them out before carrying them each over a shoulder.

After tying the boats together, you managed to climb into them before rowing away from Darklake. Shuushar helped you board, but chose to remain behind. This was his home. You bid farewell to him, figuring it would be the last time you saw him before making your escape across Darklake.

A tentacle from Demogorgon struck the water, lifting the boats up. Torim, caught off guard, fell from the boat into the water. Quinn called for a stop as Topsy and Turvy dove into the water, saving her brother as they lifted him into the boat. Now that everyone was there, you managed to escape the kuo-toa village.

Even when the village was no longer in sight, you were not safe. The boats were caught in a whirlpool that you nearly got lost in, but with the combined efforts of many in the group, you managed to escape it.

After several hours of rowing, when you were near to exhaustion, you managed to reach the docks of Gracklstugh. After docking, you found The Ghohlbrorn’s Lair, an inn that caters to non-duergar. Once there, you bought yourselves a good meal and a room where you could get a good night’s rest. After the events from the last few days, you fell into exhausted slumber.

Session 4

You woke, in what you thought was morning, but have lost all sense of time down in the Underdark. Everything seemed fine, except that Torim woke up with a cough. You learned that it was from something called Grackle-Lung, something that outsiders often get from the amount of smog. Such made things difficult for the warlock to cast many of his spells. This also told you that you couldn’t stay long in Gracklstugh, though you had things to do before you leave.

As you left the inn, you noticed a duergar standing upon the dogs before two more suddenly appeared and start trying to stab him. You rushed to his aid and saved the duergar merchant. The merchant thanked you and introduced himself as Werz Saltbaron. He offered you a job and gave you a pouch of gems that the svirfneblin with you referred to as Spell Gems. They were gems that could store magical energy, but these particular ones had nothing stored.

The job was to take the bag to Blingdenstone to a svirfneblin named Kazook Pickshine. Upon delivery, you would be paid 100 gp. After agreeing, you left his tower and went to Gracklstugh.

The Blade Bazaar was busy, though you found some strange things going on. One merchant turned invisible and continued to haggle with customers, denying ever turning invisible. Another threatened customers thinking of it as a haggling technique.

You spotted some drow watching you and when you confronted them, they took off. You knew that they would report back to Ilvara, so your time there was running short.

Suddenly, a large giant rushed into the city and started destroying things. One duergar was sent flying to land lifeless on the streets. Most of you backed away, not wanting to be involved. A couple of you tried to move past it, hoping to find help for the two-headed giant. Joshua stepped forward, hoping to help how he could.

Another giant appeared and helped to bring the giant down. He introduced himself as Dorhun and his two-headed companion was Rihuud. He stated that Rihuud had suddenly sprouted another head for no apparent reason. Such a thing had driven him mad.

He invited you to see Stonespeaker Hgraam before leaving Gracklstugh. After agreeing to do so, you decided to try and visit the red dragon, Themberchaud.

You were led to the Keepers of the Flame, a group of duergar overseeing the large red dragon. Themberchaud insisted on speaking with you privately and the Keepers honored his request. Themberchaud decided that you would work for him and didn’t give you the choice. Your assignment was to do as the Keepers asked, but to keep him informed.

The Keepers had stated that a group of derro called the Gray Ghosts had stolen a dragon egg. They wanted you to go into the Whorlstone Tunnels to retrieve the egg. It may potentially give you another powerful ally, but can you truly trust a red dragon…?

The Whorlstone Tunnels Part 1
Session 5

After agreeing to hunt down the red dragon egg, you made your way to the Whorlstone Tunnels and went on the hunt for a derro named Droki. You found the strange derro at the entrance as it ate a mushroom and shrank in size to fit through a crack. It was during this time that you noticed Buppido was missing.

Torim split from the group to find Buppido only to find him in another makeshift altar. It was then that you realized that he thought himself a god, yet he was still able to summon up skeletons. With the help of Joshua, Kim, BB, and Quinn, he was able to overcome the skeletons and Buppido.

The other group chose to follow Droki and ate some of the mushrooms that caused them to shrink. Continuing to follow the derro led them to a fungal thicket. Swarms of insects crawled out towards them, so Damaia set the thicket on fire before fleeing through a passage to the south.

The first group made their way through another passage and found a group of dancing myconids. Stool mentioned that it was odd as the myconids do not dance. Another sprout stood off to the side, worried for the myconids. They offered for you to joine them, but you did not. Instead, the other sprout asked to join you and you agreed. You found the name was Rumpadump and a friend of Stool’s from Neverlight Grove.

The group met up with one another and waited for the fire die down in the fungal thicket. Once you were ready to continue, you followed Droki’s path yet again. In the next room, you found a mesa. Kim wanted to climb and explore, but the group decided to continue forward.

As you continued, you found another room where you were attacked by a water creature that you learned was a water weird. The creature attacked Kim, but the rest of you fought it off. As it fell, you saw Droki poke his head around and take off running. The chase was on…

The Whorlstone Tunnels Part 2
Session 6

After spotting Droki, you started the chase. Droki led you into a room where two derro resided along with three bears. Droki warned them and the derro attacked. BB charmed one of the bears while a derro released one. The third was put to sleep by a well placed drow bolt. After dispatching the two derro, you let the two conscious bears to fight one another before tracking down Droki.

You managed to catch up to him, taking him down and tying him up. After interrogating him, you learn that, despite being full of information, you couldn’t make sense of any of it. His insanity was just too strong.

Having him lead the way, you came up against four quasits that you quickly dispatched when they attacked. The next chamber was filled with chanting derro that sat around a small statue. The statue seemed to be growing a second head as they changed.

You struck out at them, hoping to end the ritual. Among the derro were a death dog and an ettin. The only thing that was known were that they were worshipers of Demogorgon. The fight was long, but you were triumphant and the ritual stopped.

You studied the statue and saw that it was of Dorhun. You found another broken one that was of Rihuud. Somehow, these derro must have had something to do with Rihuud’s second head and insanity.

After the death, you were also visited by a svirfneblin ghost named Pelek. He was killed the derro and cut up. His hand was reanimated and he wanted you to find it and lay it to rest in Blingdenstone. After agreeing, you once more continued your quest for the dragon’s egg…


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