Out of the Abyss


Session 4

You woke, in what you thought was morning, but have lost all sense of time down in the Underdark. Everything seemed fine, except that Torim woke up with a cough. You learned that it was from something called Grackle-Lung, something that outsiders often get from the amount of smog. Such made things difficult for the warlock to cast many of his spells. This also told you that you couldn’t stay long in Gracklstugh, though you had things to do before you leave.

As you left the inn, you noticed a duergar standing upon the dogs before two more suddenly appeared and start trying to stab him. You rushed to his aid and saved the duergar merchant. The merchant thanked you and introduced himself as Werz Saltbaron. He offered you a job and gave you a pouch of gems that the svirfneblin with you referred to as Spell Gems. They were gems that could store magical energy, but these particular ones had nothing stored.

The job was to take the bag to Blingdenstone to a svirfneblin named Kazook Pickshine. Upon delivery, you would be paid 100 gp. After agreeing, you left his tower and went to Gracklstugh.

The Blade Bazaar was busy, though you found some strange things going on. One merchant turned invisible and continued to haggle with customers, denying ever turning invisible. Another threatened customers thinking of it as a haggling technique.

You spotted some drow watching you and when you confronted them, they took off. You knew that they would report back to Ilvara, so your time there was running short.

Suddenly, a large giant rushed into the city and started destroying things. One duergar was sent flying to land lifeless on the streets. Most of you backed away, not wanting to be involved. A couple of you tried to move past it, hoping to find help for the two-headed giant. Joshua stepped forward, hoping to help how he could.

Another giant appeared and helped to bring the giant down. He introduced himself as Dorhun and his two-headed companion was Rihuud. He stated that Rihuud had suddenly sprouted another head for no apparent reason. Such a thing had driven him mad.

He invited you to see Stonespeaker Hgraam before leaving Gracklstugh. After agreeing to do so, you decided to try and visit the red dragon, Themberchaud.

You were led to the Keepers of the Flame, a group of duergar overseeing the large red dragon. Themberchaud insisted on speaking with you privately and the Keepers honored his request. Themberchaud decided that you would work for him and didn’t give you the choice. Your assignment was to do as the Keepers asked, but to keep him informed.

The Keepers had stated that a group of derro called the Gray Ghosts had stolen a dragon egg. They wanted you to go into the Whorlstone Tunnels to retrieve the egg. It may potentially give you another powerful ally, but can you truly trust a red dragon…?



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