Out of the Abyss

Prisoners of the Drow

Session 1

Everyone found themselves taken captive and drug down into the Underdark to be sold into slavery. You were stripped down to your underwear, all of your equipment taken. You were tossed into a slave pen with a group of other slaves.

For days, you were forced to work for the drow of Velkynvelve. They would take you out of the slave pens by the quaggoths they held there. You were taken to the waterfall and forced to gather water for the drow. Only once did the slaves try to revolt, but it was met with disaster. To teach a lesson, the man who instigated the revolt was tossed into the chasm. You were forced to watch as he landed on a large spiderweb. A spider, as large as a horse, came out of hiding to surround the man in a cocoon before sucking the juices from his body. His screams still haunt you to this day.

Another opportunity had suddenly come and from an unexpected source. Jorlan, a drow warrior with a permanent limp came and whispered that you should be ready. He then told your guards to take a break before limping away, leaving the door open. You felt this might be a trap, but you would not get another chance.

You slipped from the cage and split up, hoping to find your equipment before escaping. After noticing two guards, you charged for them, but Silaqui had lost her footing and fell towards the webbing. With quick movements, BB dove for the warrior and gripped her hand, keeping her from falling. Prince Derendil walked over and helped the young half-drow back to the bridge.

With Silaqui saved, the rest continued to the drow guards, dispatching them quickly. Once dispatched, they freed the quaggoths, hoping they would aid in your escape.

The other half of the group chose to take the guard tower, hoping to get a drop on the drow. There, they found three drow and used the element of surprise to dispatch them quickly. During the fight, Damaia took the opportunity to deal with Sarith, the drow who was imprisoned with you. After all, it would be like the drow to leave a spy among you, thus playing a cruel game with this attempted escape. Taking a hand crossbow that she had taken from a fallen drow, she fired it at Sarith, using the drow poison to knock him out.

With Sarith gone and the drow dispatched, you found a stash of items that could help you to escape. As you gathered them up, Kim took up Sarith and tossed him into the chasm, watching as a spider coccooned him. With the possible spy dealt with, you started to prepare your actual escape. First, you had to find your equipment…



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