Out of the Abyss

The Whorlstone Tunnels Part 2

Session 6

After spotting Droki, you started the chase. Droki led you into a room where two derro resided along with three bears. Droki warned them and the derro attacked. BB charmed one of the bears while a derro released one. The third was put to sleep by a well placed drow bolt. After dispatching the two derro, you let the two conscious bears to fight one another before tracking down Droki.

You managed to catch up to him, taking him down and tying him up. After interrogating him, you learn that, despite being full of information, you couldn’t make sense of any of it. His insanity was just too strong.

Having him lead the way, you came up against four quasits that you quickly dispatched when they attacked. The next chamber was filled with chanting derro that sat around a small statue. The statue seemed to be growing a second head as they changed.

You struck out at them, hoping to end the ritual. Among the derro were a death dog and an ettin. The only thing that was known were that they were worshipers of Demogorgon. The fight was long, but you were triumphant and the ritual stopped.

You studied the statue and saw that it was of Dorhun. You found another broken one that was of Rihuud. Somehow, these derro must have had something to do with Rihuud’s second head and insanity.

After the death, you were also visited by a svirfneblin ghost named Pelek. He was killed the derro and cut up. His hand was reanimated and he wanted you to find it and lay it to rest in Blingdenstone. After agreeing, you once more continued your quest for the dragon’s egg…



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